IBfT: Welcome Mr. President. Glad you could come. I understand that you’d like to announce a personal development.
Mr. Bush: Yes. As you know, I’ve been often accused of not caring about people. Well, people other than my campaign contributors. But I’m here to announce that I’m making a personal sacrifice. I’ve decided to place my name on the national brain transplant donor list.
IBfT: Oh, was that your idea?
Mr. Bush: Actually, it was that Irish guy, Sen. O’bama. He suggested that, as I haven’t been using my brain, I might as well donate it to someone who would. Of course, I haven’t actually needed a brain in this job, as Karl Rove has had a big enough brain for both of us. Ever notice the size of his head?
IBfT: But isn’t it true, sir, that you are not in fact the original owner of your brain? I have it on good authority that Dick Cheney had ordered you a brain transplant back in 2000, and that since then you’ve been using the brain of one of Ronald Reagan’s associates, a fellow names Bonzo, I believe. Were you going to be honest about this to the new recipient?
Mr. Bush: “Let the buyer beware”, heh, heh. I admit I’m really not at all curious about who would want this brain, Tree. Can I call you Tree?
IBfT: Um, OK, if I can call you George. I would think you would be more curious, George. But I guess that was a different monkey.
Mr Bush. Of course I am curious about what I’ll do after I leave office. I will need to find another brainless activity to keep me occupied. I’m proud of all the pencils I sharpened while in that strangely shaped office in Washington. Maybe clearing brush on my ranch. You know there’s so much brush there, I’d really like to drop a nucular bomb on it to get rid of it once and for all.
IBfT: I’ve heard that Dick Cheney has it trucked in, so as to keep you away from Washington as much as possible. Anyway, whatever you decide to do, I know I speak for every American when I say we hope that this time it’ll be something that keeps us out of trouble.