IBfT: Welcome Mrs. Burton.  I understand you head a group advocating war as a first instrument of national policy.
Mrs. Burton:  Correct.  Most Americans are not looking any further than Iraq and Afghanistan, and maybe Iran and Venezuela, in thinking about war.  But the same policies that have led to our success in Iraq can also be used against other countries, such as France.
IBfT:  France?
Mrs. Burton:  France has weapons of mass destruction, they have Moslems, the people there don’t like Americans….  I was recently in Paris and a Frenchman there was entirely rude to me.  Seems like enough cause for war, I would think.
IBfT:  But, but….
Mrs. Burton:  What, you think we can’t beat them?  That’s the same kind of defeatist attitude that’s hampered our glorious efforts in Iraq.
IBfT: Well, I’m not sure how to respond to that.  What about Iraq?  I guess you’re opposed to any kind of pullout?
Mrs. Burton: Of course.  If we were to pull out, all our brave soldiers would have died in vain.  That’s why we’re advocating the resumption of bombing in Vietnam.
IBfT: Vietnam?
Mrs. Burton: Pres. Gerald Ford was wrong to give up on Vietnam.  Americans should never give up, never surrender.
IBfT: That was a spoof line in a movie….
Mrs. Burton: It’s never too late to correct a mistake.
IBfT: That’s what most Americans are saying about Iraq….
Mrs. Burton: The only way for Americans to feel safe in the world is if we kill everyone we don’t like.  We fully support John McCain’s policy of shoot first, talk later.  Talking should always be from a position of strength and there is no stronger position than when your opponent is dead.
IBfT:  Hmm, well, do you have any final thoughts for us?
Mrs. Burton:  Bombs away!