IBfT: Welcome, Prof.  Can you tell us something about the Dogo Institute?
MvF: The Dogo Institute, advocates of dog-eat-dog capitalism, was founded to sugar-coat libertarian theory, which sane people would otherwise find hard to swallow.
IBfT Do you rely much on the writings of noted economists?
MvF: Only the right economists.  Those who understand that economics is the study of how you want the world to be, rather than how it actually is.
IBfT: Would you expound on your claim that freedom should be the primary goal of society?
MvF: We mean, for instance, that everyone can pick whatever job they want to do, whether it’s a plumber or something that takes less intelligence, like being US President.
IBfT: But in the real world, aren’t choices limited by circumstances?
MvF: Oh, that doesn’t matter to the Institute, because at the Institute we all live in a fantasy world, where everyone is free to choose whatever they want.
IBfT: I see.  Another question that’s come up:  what happens when there’s a conflict in the concept of freedom, like when an employee excercises freedom of speech in talking about starting a union, and the corporation he works for exercises their freedom to fire him for it?
MvF: Easy answer: property rights are more important than freedom. While an employee works for an employer, he’s property.  If he doesn’t like working there, he can put his stuff in a cardboard box and start over again somewhere else.
IBfT: Who does libertarianism appeal to?
MvF: Primarily the rich, and those who think they would become rich if only liberals wouldn’t get in the way.  And, of course, those who don’t have children.
IBfT: Because children need to be protected by society, which doesn’t work when you use a for-profit model?
MvF: Libertarianism deals with children easily, by treating them either as adults or as the property of their parents, however we feel like doing it at the moment.   Remember, llibertarianism describes a fantasy world, so we don’t actually have to deal with real situations.  In our fantasy world, the free market can deal with any problem, so if the free market can’t deal with something, it must not be a problem.
IBfT: Like global warming.
MvF: Exactly.  In our world, global warming doesn’t exist.  It can’t exist, because if it did, our entire every-man-for-himself model would collapse.  Remember the Institute motto:  “You can’t change our minds with facts!”
IBfT; Thank you, Prof.